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  • 18th anniversary!

    18th anniversary!

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    Playing on the beach nearby

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    Stone painting

Bakery Mundopan

This project of a social bakery is our newest project. Its construction started in December 2015 in Huanchaquito, close to the Home. With Mundopan, we aim at finding a long-term funding source for maintenance costs incurred by the Children and Youth Home.




The project started in May 2016 with the production of bread and pastry goods. The 100%-artisanal processes used for production guarantee our products their quality and fair prices. Mundopan products are sold in the areas of Huanchaco and Huanchaquito, thanks to the Mundopan shop and the non-motorised vehicles (tricycles) that distribute them.



In the Home, the teenagers need to keep being trained in the academic as well as in the social field – but they lack of opportunities. Mundopan gives them a training, thus giving them the opportunity to learn production and commercial processes which help them be ready for their future work lives. In this way, they can also appreciate the importance of work, order and effort, for which they are eventually rewarded.





We are currently looking for volunteers who can help us with this social project and do the following tasks: sell the bread and supervise the bakery (bread production, bread sale, etc.). If you are interested, please contact us via our contact form.



ALCOBENDAS carréThis project receives the support of Alcobendas city council.

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