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  • The new project keeps developing

    The new project keeps developing

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    Playing on the beach nearby

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    Stone painting

Daycare Center

After 18 years as a Children and Youth Home for underage boys coming from dysfunctional homes where violence and neglect prevail, we can affirm that Peru does not guarantee inclusive and equal access to education, health and justice. On the contrary, the quality of the provided services from these fields rather depends on the economic resources of the beneficiaries.


Being aware of this situation and having experienced during 18 long years what working with underage boys in need of protection means, we founded the Daycare Center (Centro Diurno Meridional) as a space in which following services can be provided:

  1. Psychological counselling
  2. School tutoring
  3. Physical activities
  4. Workshops for teachers
  5. Healthy alimentation
  6. Health, arts, sports, leisure


Daycare center

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