Discount on surf classes for volunteers!

For 7 years, Mundo de Niños children have been enjoying free surf classes given by the surf school Un Lugar Surf School in Huanchaco all year long. That way, all the kids can swim and face the waves without fear, while enjoying the fresh seaside air. Some of the boys were good enough to take part in local competitions organised in Huanchaco. The kids go to their surf classes each week accompanied by the tutors on shift as well as the volunteers available.

This year, Un Lugar Surf School has decided to go one step further in their support to Mundo de Niños’ family by granting all Mundo de Niños volunteers a 40% discount off surf classes.

If you wish to profit from the famous surf spots in Huanchaco while volunteering for Mundo de Niños, this could be a great opportunity for you!

Price of one surf class with discount: 45 soles (approx. 12€)

This offer has no time limit.

For more information, contact us here