A great commitment to start the year!

The end of 2017 and the start of 2018 showed a high commitment for Mundo de Niños, embodied by two special donations:


Get Rhythm charity concert:

Each year in December, the band “Get Rhythm” plays for a good cause: the money paid for the entrance tickets is then donated to various charity projects. Mundo de Niños could also receive a part of these donations for the second time in two years. The success was big and the band could donate 300€ in 2016 and 400€ in 2017 for our project!

For more information about the band, click here to have a look at their website (in German).



Mara’s mattresses:

Mara is currently volunteering at Mundo de Niños and showed a great commitment by organising a fundraising to be able to buy new mattresses, hygiene items and fund a check-up at the dentist’s for the kids.

To do so, not only did she contact her friends and acquaintances, she also asked for donations via a donation website: https://www.gofundme.com/maraskinderprojekt

Her fundraising action was very successful and the kids have now brand new mattresses and could go get a check-up at the dentist’s (quite reluctantly…)!


A laptop for the Home:

Another donation from two of our friends: a laptop was sent from France directly to Peru by Noëlle and a private donor, since the Psychology department needed a laptop for good working conditions! We are now correctly equipped and are happy to have our work made easier thanks to this donation!

Do you also have great fundraising ideas or do you want to know how you can support us? Just contact us via the contact form!