Educational Activities – Responsible use of water

In the past weeks, the Street Work area organised two activities in Huanchaco, in the social disadvantaged sectors Victor Raul and El Trópico. The activities were organised around the topic of how to responsibly use water. As you may know, in these sectors as well as the peripheral zones of Peruvian cities, people do not alway have an easy access to water. In many parts of these zones, there is no water connection, the only alterntive being water containers to be placed on the roofs, which are expensive.

15 children and 12 mothers in El Trópico as well as 30 children and their teachers in Victor Raul took part in the activities. With the support of SEDALIB and the association Amor en Acción, the Mundo de Niños team informed the children in a recreational way on the importance of water and how to use it responsibly. The activities were carried as follows:

  • reflective questions to the children about the water issue
  • theater representation with clowns with the responsible use of water as main topic
  • games and dances between the clowns and the children
  • distribution of snacks to the children


wasser water agua

Through this type of activities, Mundo de Niños intends to educate the inhabitants of the peripheral zones of Huanchaco and Trujillo, in order to help them enhance their living conditions and protect the environment.

Educating and supporting the local population through recreational activities is also a way for Mundo de Niños to come closer to the children and families which could be in a situation of high social risk; in this way also, Mundo de Niños gets more recognition in the disadvantaged areas.

During the activities, the manager of the Street Work area is always present, sometimes accompanied by other team members and/or volunteers, thus representing a contact point for parents and children who might need help. Thanks to their professional skills, they can assess the living situation of the children from these sectors.

If you want to learn more about the work of the Street Work area, check our Our Projects page.