Flood in the Trujillo region and the north of Peru

Dear friends,
Despite the natural disaster happening right now in Peru (heavy rain and flood),the Mundo de Niños children are safe and well and all security measures were undertaken. However, the flood in the city of Trujillo and in the northern part of the country makes the transportation routes almost impossible to use, thus raising the food and service prices.

Our bakery Mundopan has been unable for weeks to cover the costs occurred, as half of Huanchaco, including our selling point, is under water. This is why we are now asking you for your support in order to cover the high costs of cleaning and hygiene products, medicines, mosquito repellent, non-perishable food, drinking water, waterproof clothes and rain boots, since the rain is expected to continue until the end of May, according to government forecast. We are sure that we can count on your help to find a way out of this crisis, which left the whole city isolated and makes children the first victims of the shortage and of the diseases that are caused by flood.

Thank you for your support!




Cover photo: Trujillo

Video: Huanchaco under water – you can also see our bakery selling point