Hope and adventure – Rémi’s story

During my first year of Specialised Education studies in France, I decided to live an adventure in which I would share experiences with socially challenged youth. I wanted this adventure to take place in a context completely different from the French context.

And this is how I ended up in Peru. I went there to do an internship of many months at the association Mundo de Niños. This experience was unique. It helped me understand the inner workings of what is usually shown of Peru to the tourists. The reality of child protection in this country is not the most desirable. But fortunately, there are associations there that fight for children’s rights recognition and observance and give children the love they deserve; they offer concrete responses, thus giving hope. And this is how my adventure at Mundo de Niños ended: it filled my heart with hope, and left me with the warmth given to me by the time spent with this big Mundo de Niños family who allows each child to grow at their own pace, in dignified, good living conditions.


Rémi, 30, France


To see Rémi’s video of his stay in Peru, click here (in French and Spanish).

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