Love and fulfillment – Katrina’s story

Never have I felt so much love, or as fulfilled as with the boys in Mundo de Niños. Our hours spent playing on the beach, in soccer matches, working on homework, listening to their stories, sharing birthday celebrations and the day to day arguments and laughs are hours I would never wish to take back.

It is not easy to capture my experience, with the boys who make up the family of Mundo de Ninos, in words. All I can say is that the journey with these children has impacted every area of my life; they have taught me so much about the world and myself, about joy and perseverance and hope. Having the opportunity to share my knowledge and learn from theirs in the two years we have been together has been such a blessing. When coming to Mundo de Niños the most valuable thing you can offer is your time and your love, in return they will offer you theirs. It is a mutual relationship that will, at times, make your heart break and at others make it overflow, but will forever leave a mark.

Katrina, 22, Canada

(Katrina currently lives in Huanchaco and regularly visits the Home)


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