Moisés turned 10!

Happy Birthday Moisés!

Moisés is one of the newly arrived kids. He was taken care of by Mundo de Niños after assessing that he was in a state of abandonment and lack of good care. He arrived in December of last year and has been integrating more and more into the life of the Home since then. He is a funny, friendly kid with a tendency to shyness – although on the occasion of his birthday, he showed us a hidden talent of his: breakdancing!

Moisés celebrated his birthday along with the other boys of the Home who took part in dancing and eating lots of candies, mazamorra (a dessert made from purple corn), popcorn and, of course, birthday cake! Alexiss, the teacher, Lía, the psychologist, as well as Sergio, Head of Communication as well as the tutors on shift and the volunteers were also present to congratulate Moisés on his first birthday at the Home.

This was a great and funny afternoon where the kids could enjoy sweets and dancing. Moisés was feeling at ease and was glad to receive his present and be the center of attention. He had his nicest suit on and was very proud to show it!


Each boy of the Home has a special celebration on the day of his birthday, where all the kids attend and share a nice and fun moment together with music, cake and candies. Each of them receives a present and, if possible, the family attends the party too.