A new way of seeing things – Sophie’s story

My name is Sophie, I’m 21. I’ve been studying Delinquency Response for 3 years. Huanchaco is my first South-American destination and also the place where I did the last internship of my studies.

My experience at Mundo de Niños has changed my way of seeing things. The children and teenagers from Mundo de Niños taught me how to be flexible and to find the right balance between the preparation of my activities and the unexpected. I could also see how the happy moments of life can be hiding in many unexpected situations.

During my stay in Peru, I’ve heard heartbreaking stories, I’ve seen famished children, others working as “cargadores” (carrying heavy wheelbarrows transporting food to help the mothers who do not have the strength to do it) at the market instead of going to school, and therefore I am proud and happy to have been able to collaborate to the development of the 18 children of the Home. I could bring some change in them, and they changed me too, for life.

Their smiles and inconditional love give you an incredible energy. Of course, you’ll have to be very patient to work with them, but you must also know that these children are angels and that the feeling that you get from this experience is very strong.

Many thanks to all the members of the Mundo de Niños team for having given me the chance of this experience,

And many thanks to the children for their love and trust.


Sophie, 21, Canada


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