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    18th anniversary!

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Street Work

The “Street work” area was the first project to be set up when we started our work. It allows us to approach peripheral zones of Trujillo formed by human settlements from which the children and teenagers we work with come from.


steet work


Thanks to the active contact thus maintained, we are able to set up activities of: prevention, identification and raising awareness of children in high social risk in order to improve their living conditions.



street work


Between 2014 and 2015, over 800 children were reached by the Street Work project.

Street work is also a way to establish trusting relationships with the leaders of the communities, thus creating bonds allowing us to bring support as planned.


Table of our main local partners

Community Organisations9
Education Centers5
Non-profit organisations11


Street work divides into four areas:

Educational workshops:

Raising awareness on educational and social topics for the children of the communities.

street work


Psychology workshops

Organised for adults, this area addresses topics such as violence within families, family planning, education and health, with the support of women working in community kitchens.

street work


Recreational activities

Organised for children from the poorest Trujillo areas, these activities include games, sports championships and gymkhana.

street work


Social Activities

These activities include clothes, food, school supplies and toys donations coordinated by campaigns organised by the Street Work Team.

street work

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