Surf and delicious pastry for the kids and all Huanchaco

On the occasion of the surf championships for kids in Huanchaco who took place on Saturday, May 22d, we inaugurated our brand new motorbike which will be used to sell our bread and pastry goods around Huanchaco.

Beautifully painted, the motorbike was parked on the beachside where everyone from Huanchaco and Trujillo was lying down, watching the kids from the different surf schools compete in the water, facing 3 and 4-meter waves.

Our kids were of course also present this day to cheer Faustino, David and José Luis who were taking part in the competition. Accompanied by the tutors on shift, they admired the motorbike while eating Mundopan cake offered by Sergio Carranza who was there to take pictures of the championshisps for our Facebook page.

The bread sale was successsful in two ways: our pastry goods attracted many customers and this way, we could start getting more and more known around Huanchaco so that the next times, everybody can recognize our Mundopan motorbike and buy our products.


SurfFrancisco posing on the motorbike – The brand new motorbike – The delicious cakes and cookies


Our kids take surf classes every week and can surf very well now. This activity is offered to Mundo de Niños free of charge by Un Lugar Surf School