Merry Christmas!

The Mundo de Niños Team wishes you a merry and relaxed Christmas as well as a happy and successful New Year!

2019 is coming to its end and we’re looking at 2020 with confidence. A few weeks ago, we decided with the Fundación Meridional to extend our project for the upcoming year by inaugurating a Day Center for children in need. It will be integrated to the current infrastructure after some remodelling work.

The Day Center will offer a healthy lunch, school tutoring, as well as psychological and social support to disadvantaged boys and girls after school.

For the development of our project, we could benefit from the support of local companies as well as the support of the Fundación Meridional. However, the need for support based on foreign donations will grow. This is why we would be very grateful if you could talk about our project at your school, university, work, sports club and to your friends

Thank you!

The Mundo de Niños Team