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The Mundo de Niños’ Home – hostel project became a reality in 2001 with the rental of a small house in the historic beach of Huanchaco, Trujillo-Peru. Later, thanks to the contribution of donors and friends, it was possible to acquire a piece of land in Huanchaquito on which a new building was rised up with an adequate design for pedagogical rooms, food services, recreational areas and bedrooms, as well as administrative offices to shelter a maximum number twelve children today.


Huanchaco historical beach, cradle of the “Caballitos de Totora” fishing rafts and Surfing in Peru.


A new building was rised up with an adequate design.


The children living at Mundo de Niños’ Home arrived suffering from serious problems of impulsivity and aggression, learning and speaking problems, low self-esteem, sexual disorders as well as growth and developmental disorders. They also lack of social skills and healthy living habits (such as tidiness, cleanliness, hygiene and balanced diet).

Upon their arrival to the shelter, children are provided with: a balanced diet coupled with nutritional supervision, clothes, psychotherapy, medical care, reintegration and integration into the education system, specific attention to language and learning problems, as well as tutoring.


Mundo de Niños’work

We long for a society in which everyone has equal opportunities.

A child rescued from dysfunctional homes by violence and drugs is freed from harmful social cycles of resentment, poverty and violence on the streets.

We firmly believe in the abilities of each child, that is why our program provides personalized attention. We restore dignity and your rights as human beings.

We are all born with abilities, skills and difficulties, we must discover what they are and work on them to enhance or overcome them.



Mundo de Niños makes sure that the children have a healthy way of life. We also attach importance to teaching them values and positive attitudes by promoting sports, arts and healthy amusement; we want the children to grow up and develop themselves within a safe home where the tutors give them the attention and affection they need.




Throughout the year, we organize regular and specific activities for a complete and healthy development of the children and young people of the Home: surf classes, yoga, pastries, care of our organic garden throughout the year, walks, excursions and recreational activities.

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Children and Youth Home

Children and Youth Home

The hospice became a reality in 2001 with the rental of a small house in the historic resort of Huanchaco, Trujillo-Peru ...