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    The new project keeps developing

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    Playing on the beach nearby

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    Stone painting


Many institutions, organisations and associations send us their volunteers as part of a programme or studies. But you can also, individually, apply to be a volunteer at our Home.

There are different areas in which you can work:

General support to the Home

  • Help tutors carry out daily activities at the Home
  • Accompany the kids for their activities outside the Home
  • Teach and promote artistic and recreational activities such as theater, music, sports, English, etc.

Psychotherapy Area

(Studies/experience in this field required)

  • Follow-up of the children with the psychologist
  • Support for the elaboration of individual programmes
  • Organisation of activities related to psychological development and education
  • Coordination and supervision, etc.

Social Work Area

(Studies/experience in social work, sociology or similar required)

  • Visits to the children’s families
  • Management of medical visits
  • Relations with the Family Court
  • Daily management of the Home, etc.

Bakery Project

(Training/experience in bakery, quality control or similar required)

  • Support for the implementation of the bakery, the coordination of bread production and the implementation of control and quality processes
  • Bread selling
  • Quality control, etc.


You can also of course offer your own ideas and experiences!


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