Your financial contribution helps us protect the children we foster.

We celebrate 20 years of uninterrupted work dedicated to sheltering our most vulnerable children in Trujillo, offering them a dignified life, special education, psychological therapies and a warm roof.

Thank you, we are counting on you!

By reducing the social gap that right now generates inequality and violence in our country, we contribute with your participation to forge a prosperous society, with equal opportunities and a culture of peace.



Banco Continental – BBVA
RUC: 20440207261

Soles:   001102540200232366
CCI:   01125400020023236601

Dólares:   001102540200222441
CCI:   01125400020022244104



IBAN:   ES6821032087280030005834


IBAN:   DE29600501017495507403


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We deliver donation certificates at the end of the calendar year. If you require a certificate before that date please contact us.


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Calle Miguel Grau Mz 3 Lte 7
Huanchaquito Bajo, Trujillo, Perú



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