Creative times – Mia’s story

I spent four wonderful months with the children of Mundo de Niños. I was very impressed by this place as they all live together as a big family, whether they are tutors, teachers or kids.

This children and youth home has a very special atmosphere. I consider me very lucky to have been able to help Mundo de Niños’ great work. Another good point was that I was given a lot of freedom and as a volunteer, I always had the feeling that I was needed. During these four months, I set up various art projects with the children and we were constantly creative together. We often used to fill big white sheets of paper with many colours, creating small masterpieces, or we would go to the beach and build kites to play with. We also painted the walls in the inner courtyard of the Home with colourful elephants, and much more. But this was not all; the many small daily moments were als always wonderful: having lunch together, playing in the sun in the courtyard or even just spending time together.

Because this is what matters: to give time to the children. I gave as much from me to these children as I could and even so, I received much more from them in return. Now when I look back and remember these experiences at Mundo de Niños, I feel very happy. I would recommend to anyone who is ready to give time to these kids to help there as a volunteer.

Mia, 19, Germany